Pay for you Monthly Luncheons using a pre-paid Punch Card

USE YOUR PUNCH CARD Click here to RSVP and let treasurer know to “punch your card” for this month’s meeting.

Pre-pay your luncheon meetings (at $20/meal) by purchasing a punch card, and then each month, email our treasurer to reserve your spot using your own “punch card”. Our treasurer (Sue Foubert) will keep your pre-paid punch card on file and will mark off each month you register.

You can purchase a pre-paid punch card ($60 or $120) by making a cheque out to SWIB and dropping off/mailing to our treasurer OR buy it online using the form below. You can also purchase a punch card if you just want to have coffee or tea!

Purchase a Pre-paid Punch Card

** PayPal is a safe secure online payment gateway. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card.